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I remember the day when I realised that my marriage was over.

Sat on my parents’ bed, I stared down at the tiny blue flowers on the edge of the crisp white blanket resting on top of the sheets. I was with my mum and we were talking about nothing in particular, as we usually do.

And then, out of nowhere, I came undone. Without saying a word, my mum took one long look at me and then scooped me up into her arms. The seal had been broken, and I was left holding the bag of my frayed emotions.

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Photo by cloudvisual on Unsplash

So-and-so would be so much better if only they just did [insert random thing here].

I imagine that line made you cringe, right?

So why do we feel the need to judge people as unfinished projects instead of accepting them for who they are?

Sometimes the reality of the situation is that the person in question will never change, no matter how many “helpful suggestions” we throw their way. And that’s fine. Who are we to think we may change someone, or demand that they change themselves to keep us happy?

If they end up adjusting their behaviour, that’s on…

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Photo by Marek Levak from Pexels

Let’s be real here.

When you were applying for jobs, did anyone ever tell you what it’s really like to be an Executive Assistant in the Corporate world (yes, that’s “big corporate”, with a capital C)?

No, because if they did most reasonable human beings would probably run screaming for the hills.

But they need you to work, and you have bills to pay, and so…

I mean, yes sure — you can read a job description and/or one of those career profile pages to see if you have the core requirements. …


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